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Click on the Subject Area below to access the summer assignment for that course.  Courses that do not have a summer assignment will have (NONE) listed next to the course name.  In addition, courses not listed do not have a summer assignment.  All assignments are due on the first day of school, Monday, August 10th, unless otherwise noted.  Returning Student’s Computers will be available for pickup, beginning July 27th, in the front office.  New Students will receive their computers on Friday, August 7th, at Orientation.

AP Summer Assignments

AP Calculus AB (NONE)
AP Environmental Science (NONE)
AP Economics (NONE)
AP European History (NONE)
AP Language (NONE)
AP Latin (NONE)
AP Literature (NONE)
AP Psychology (NONE)
AP Research (NONE)
AP Seminar (NONE)
AP U.S. Government (NONE)
AP U.S. History (NONE)
AP World History (NONE)

Honors Program Summer Assignments

Algebra 1 Honors (NONE)
Algebra 2 Honors (NONE)
Biology Honors (NONE)
Chemistry Honors (NONE)
Economics Honors (NONE)
English I Honors (NONE)
English II Honors (NONE)
English III Honors (NONE)
English IV Honors (NONE)
European History Honors (NONE)
Geometry Honors (NONE)
Latin Honors (NONE)
Pre-Calculus Honors (NONE)
Spanish Honors (NONE)
Statistics Honors (NONE)
U.S. History Honors(NONE)
U.S. Government Honors (NONE)
World History Honors (NONE)

Summer Assignments

Algebra 1 (NONE)
Algebra 2 (NONE)
Biology (NONE)
Economics (NONE)
English I (NONE)
English II (NONE)
English III (NONE)
English IV (NONE)
European History (NONE)
Financial Algebra (NONE)
Geometry (NONE)
Latin I & II (NONE)
Marine Science (NONE)
Spanish I & II (NONE)
Theology I, II, III, & IV (NONE)
U.S. Government (NONE)
U.S. History (NONE)
World History (NONE)