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Saint Francis Catholic Academy is committed to the education of the whole person. As a Catholic school, it is our unique mission to guide young people in developing a Christian social consciousness and a commitment to a life of justice and peace.

The Gospel mandates that we serve our neighbor, especially the most vulnerable in society. In addition, participation in the Christian Service Program aids students attempting to qualify for the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship.

Please click the button below to obtain the Record of Christian Service Form

  • All students must complete a minimum of 25 hours of Christian Service each year they attend Saint Francis Catholic Academy. All service hours must be documented as volunteer (non-paid) and completed outside school hours. The verification form MUST be signed by an official representative of the organization where the service is performed.
  • Each year the time frame for performing Christian Service will be June 1 through April 30. (Service hours completed during the month of May can be counted for the following year.)
  • Parents are STRONGLY encouraged to monitor their student’s progress regarding this responsibility to avoid any negative consequences if they fail to fulfill this requirement. All verified and recorded service hours can be viewed on RenWeb via the parent portal.
  • Service hours will be adjusted on a sliding scale to accommodate transfer students. For example, transfer students who enroll at the start of the second semester are expected to complete 1/2 of the annual requirement or at least 12 1/2 hours.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to completely fill out and submit a Record of Christian Service to their Theology Teacher as documentation of each completed service project. Forms are available in the Office of Campus Ministry, in theology classrooms, and the main office. Click HERE for the downloadable form.
  •  In order to receive credit for Christian Service completed during the summer months, the required documentation for earned hours MUST be submitted for credit no later than Labor Day.
  • Completion of service hours is a requirement for individual student exemption from senior final exams.
  • In the case of seniors, caps and gowns will NOT be issued until the requirement is satisfied.
  • Students who do not satisfy the 25 required hours will receive a grade of INCOMPLETE in Theology until the requirement is satisfied. The grade of INCOMPLETE will convert to the grade earned for the quarter / year once verification of service has been submitted to the Theology teacher. INCOMPLETE grades not cleared within 15 days will be recorded as an “F”.

Ideally, Christian Service should be completed through nonprofit/ charitable organizations such as homeless shelters, soup kitchens, convalescent homes, home-building projects, tutoring children (especially from low income households), and volunteering at parish festivals, community service agencies, local hospitals and parish religious education programs, and for Church-related ministry done outside the weekend worship service. While students are not limited to the aforementioned service opportunities, all service hours must be volunteer (non-paid) and completed before or after school hours. Chores/service performed in the home or in a family-operated business as a responsible family member are indeed commendable but do not qualify as service to the community.

Credit for participation in parish liturgical celebrations (e.g. altar serving, ushering, lector, choir) are all laudable activities and may be applied to the service requirement ONLY AFTER the minimum requirement of 25 hours has been completed.

When in doubt about the appropriateness of a service opportunity, and in order to prevent unnecessary misunderstandings or disappointments, students are encouraged to FIRST discuss their plans with their Theology teacher. In the case of any dispute, resolution may be sought by contacting the Campus Ministry staff.