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Inflatable Wolf Sports Tunnel:

Total: $7,650

This tunnel, in the shape of a wolf, will be used for multiple sports to provide the wolves with an electric entrance onto the field/court. 

Baseball Grandstands:

Total: $138,224

With 297 seats, 6 companion seats, and 6 wheelchair spaces, this addition to the baseball field will provide a comfortable option to watch SFCA baseball like never before. Bleachers will sit right behind home plate and wrap around the backstop.

Baseball/Football Field Drainage Fix:

Total: $56,729

Both SFCA’s baseball and football fields continue to experience flooding whenever it rains for an extended period (Image shows wet spots on SFCA’s baseball field from flooding). The money raised for this project will go towards installing a new drainage system to each field to send the water away from the field in a much more efficient way. 

Baseball Batting Cage Updates:

Total: $4,000

Adding a cover over the batting cages at the baseball field will keep the sun away as well as provide a practice alternative for rainy days. Another feature that will be updated is putting turf inside of the batting cages instead of real grass. Turf inside of the cages will not only look great, but it will also reduce the amount of maintenance needed for the area. These upgrades are just part of our project that will help boost the appeal of all our sports facilities. 

Resurface SFCA Track:

Total: $157,000

The money raised for this project will go to resurfacing the track, long jump runway and pit and the high jump area.