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In emergency situations it may be necessary to close the school. If this occurs, Saint Francis Catholic Academy will make every effort to ensure that our students’ educational opportunities continue while at home. Students at SFCA are all equipped with a MacBook computer and have access to on-line Learning Management Software (Powerschool/ WolfDen). Teachers are also able to use RenWeb and Google Meeting in order to provide instruction and to track additional data as required by the State of Florida and the Diocese of St. Augustine. While this instructional plan has been created for SFCA with the intention of minimizing educational disruptions, we understand that there may be times when certain events require additional procedures. The Instructional Continuity Plan is a fluid plan, which will be adapted in response to the needs of our students and community.  Communication, as outlined within the plan, is also a key component for effective implementation.

Please review the Instructional Continuity Plan below for Saint Francis Catholic Academy.