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Will you offer Tennis as a sport?

Answer: We have offered tennis in the past, but it is truly dependent on the number of students who are interested. The FHSAA requires a minimum of five students on a team in order to compete.

Do you offer SAT and ACT prep classes?

Answer: Yes, SFCA offers a prep class after school twice a week.

How involved are you with helping look for college scholarships?

Answer: The Guidance Counselor will alert students to any scholarships that she feels meet student’s qualifications and interests. We also have college representatives who come to SFCA and speak with the students and answer any questions they may have regarding scholarship opportunities, academics, student life, etc.

What is the percentage of catholic and non-Catholic student?

Answer: 1/3 of our student body is Non-Catholic

When would the medical program become available?

Answer: SFCA will be adding a medical program in the Fall of 2021. There will be certification opportunities through the program for Pharmacy Tech and EKG Tech. The first year we will accept 20 Freshmen, 10 Sophomores and 10 Juniors. After the 2021 school year only Freshmen will be accepted into the program.

How do we get more guidance at lower grades on college admissions?

Answer: When a student is accepted at Saint Francis, they will set up a registration appointment with the Guidance Counselor, Dr. Jill Geltner. At that time Dr. Geltner will suggest a class schedule that best fits the student’s needs, based on interests and graduation requirements. The Counselor meets with students throughout the year.

Would you consider offering a ROTC program?

Answer: Yes, we have looked into the ROTC program.  Currently requirements state that we would need 10% of the student population to enroll in the JROTC program and have two instructors dedicated to the program with military experience. As enrollment continues to grow, we hope to be able to add this program in the near future.

Are transcripts available through Canvas?

Answer: No

What are the volunteer hour requirements?

Answer: Each family is required to complete 25 service hours each year, or 15 service hours for a single-parents family. We have many opportunities for volunteering such as helping with our sporting events (gate, concessions, scorer’s table, etc.), our three major fundraisers (Casino Night, Souper Fun Sunday, Wolves Golf Classic), donating food for teacher appreciation lunches and much, much more.

My son is an eighth grader and he has the Gardiner Scholarship. What transition assistance is offered?

Answer: We have a full-time Academic Support Counselor on staff who teaches a class called Learning Strategies. This class provides students with strategies for study, organization, and note taking. The class also provides support in the regular classroom using the co-teaching model. The Academic Support Counselor runs a Learning Lab after school called, “8th Hour”,for students to receive academic support and tutoring.

Debating whether to send our daughter to Saint Francis; the lack of dual enrollment opportunities is a contributing factor. Will you allow students to dual enroll?

Answer: SFCA does offer Dual Enrollment through both UF and Santa Fe College. The students will remain on SFCA campus while taking the college classes. Santa Fe offers the opportunity for students in the Dual Enrollment Program to attend classes on their campus as well. Students must qualify to be accepted into the Dual Enrollment Program. SFCA also offers the AP Capstone program.

Will there be a medical program starting in the Fall?

Answer: Yes. We are adding a medical program that will allow students to not only graduate with a SFCA diploma, but also with a certification in either EKG Tech or Pharmacy Tech if they wish.

Is the Cafetorium still being built? If so, will it be in the upcoming school year?

Answer: Yes, we are waiting on final approval from our Diocese to begin the Capital Campaign with the hope of groundbreaking during 2021.

Is Lacrosse starting as a club or a competitive team?

Answer: SFCA has tried to start the Lacrosse Program for the last three years, but the interest level of the students has not been there. We obtained brand new game and practice equipment two years ago and hope to start as a club program next year to gain interest so we can develop into a competitive team for both boys and girls.

Does SFCA provide bus transportation?

Answer: SFCA provides a morning bus route from both our local Partner Schools, St. Patrick School and Queen of Peace Academy. We do not offer an afternoon route at this time because our bus is used for afternoon athletic events. SFCA does have a morning and afternoon route from our Lake City partner school, Epiphany, which is available from Live Oak to Epiphany (Lake City) to SFCA.

Does SFCA have Mass for the students and are parents able to attend?

Answer: SFCA celebrates Mass once a week and parents are welcome to attend or view online.

Are there any scholarships offered at SFCA?

Answer: There are many different scholarship opportunities available at SFCA.

  1. Along with scholarship opportunities are there any other tuition assistance opportunities? Answer: SFCA offers an award to the three top scores from the High School Placement Test (HSPT). The Principal’s Award is presented to the student from each partner school who scores the highest on the HSPT. The Principal’s Award winner receives a 50% tuition reduction for the four years they are in attendance; maintaining a GPA of 3.5 is required. The Faculty Award is presented to the second and third highest scorer on the HSPT. The Faculty Award winner receives a 25% tuition reduction for the four years in attendance while maintaining a GPA of 3.5. Another opportunity to receive financial assistance is through FACTS Grant and Aid with applications available on our website.

How many AP Courses does SFCA offer?

Answer: SFCA currently offers 16 AP Courses.

  • AP Biology
    • AP Calculus
    • AP English Language
    • AP English Literature
    • AP Environmental Science
    • AP European History
    • AP Latin
    • AP Microeconomics
    • AP Psychology
    • AP Research (Capstone)
    • AP Seminar (Capstone)
    • AP Statistics
    • AP Studio Art – 2D
    • AP United States Government
    • AP United States History
    • AP World History Modern

What is the advantage and benefit of Dual Enrollment?

Answer: Dual Enrollment gives students additional access to college-level courses for which they can receive college credit.It also provides an opportunity for students to experience an actual college class and gain familiarity with their educational software.

Do you have a lunch program?

Answer: Yes, we have a hot lunch daily.

Do you have athletics?

Answer: Yes, we have multiple sports that students can participate in.

Cross Country (Boys/Girls)Basketball (Boys/Girls)Baseball
FootballSoccer (Boys/Girls)Softball
VolleyballCheer (Boys/Girls)Tennis (Boys/Girls)
Swim (Boys/Girls) Track and Field (Boys/Girls)
Golf (Boys/Girls) Lacrosse (Boys/Girls)
Cheer (Boys/Girls)  

What are the new programs that were added this current school year?

Answer: The new programs added to the SFCA curriculum for the 2020-2021 school year are:

  • Engineering Technology
  • Television Production Technology
  • AP Studio Art-2D

How can I see how my student is doing in their classes?

Answer: An App is provided on Canvas to monitor student progress.