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2022 Souper Fun Sunday Participate

Soup Information

Soup Name
Jambalaya Soup

Soup Category
Non Seafood

Heating Instructions
Stove Top: Heat on medium heat until hot, stir often.
Microwave: Place soup in a microwavable container. Heat for 15 seconds then stir, repeat until hot.

About Copper Monkey West

An old Tom Petty tune, a tight game at The Swamp, watching the bats fly over Lake Alice… There’s certain things that are uniquely Gainesville. And the Copper Monkey is on that list as a Gainesville institution. For more than 40 years, memories were made at the Copper Monkey restaurant, and now, the Copper Monkey has opened their doors in Gainesville once again!

If you missed legendary burgers like The Monkey’s Uncle, The Ranch Burger and The University Avenue Burger, your wait is over! Stop by our new location in The Creekside Mall, and you can always visit Copper Monkey West in Jonesville.

Stop by either location for lunch, a cold brew after work or to meet up with your friends and family for an evening of wonderful memories, just like old times! Everyday specials, delicious food and exceptional service — come get a taste of Gainesville at the Copper Monkey!


14209 W Newberry Rd,
Newberry, FL 32669

(352) 363-6338



Thank you to
Copper Monkey
who are participating in Souper Fun Sunday
for the 3rd year!