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The High School Placement Test (HSPT) serves as an entry measure of academic progress and placement for the incoming Freshman Class.  Saint Francis Catholic Academy requires that all incoming 9th grade students take the test as part of the admission process. FAQ’s about the HSPT

Students will demonstrate content and skill knowledge in the following areas: verbal, quantitative, reading, mathematics, language skills.  The format of the test is multiple choice and will take approximately 3 hours. For the mathematics test, students will not be allowed to use calculators, but will have access to scratch paper.  
While testing guides are available in bookstores and libraries, intensive content preparation is not advised, as the nature of the test does not lend itself to this kind of preparation.  The Barron’s COOP/HSPT/TACHS guide is recommended by Scholastic Testing Services, Inc.  Students should be encouraged to become familiar with the test sections and the kind of questions that they will be expected to address.  Parents and guardians seeking advice on HSPT preparation are encouraged to review guides available in local libraries and bookstores.  

The dates for this year’s HSPT:

St. Patrick – January 11th 8:30am- approx.1:00pm (at SPS)
Epiphany – January 19th 8:30am- approx.1:00pm (at Epiphany)
QPCA – January 25th – January 25th 8:30- approx.1:00pm (at QPCA)
Non-Catholic School students – March 5th at SFCA from 8:30am – approx.1:00pm

Registration fee is $25.00; registration deadline is a week prior to testing.  Please email Sandra Fallo at sfallo@sfcawolves.org with any questions.

CLICK HERE to register and pay for the High School Placement Test