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The National Honor Society is chartered by the National Association of Secondary School Principals to recognize and encourage students who show a combination of outstanding scholarship, integrity of character, leadership, and service. At the end of the first semester, any Sophomore, Junior, or Senior with a 3.75 cumulative GPA is invited to apply to National Honor Society. Academic qualifications are merely prerequisites for admission consideration.

Detailed criteria for membership is provided to all invitees. A faculty council appointed by the principal reviews the candidates and determines selection based upon a review of:

  • Extracurricular activities
  • Discipline records
  • Teacher recommendations

A 3.75 cumulative GPA must be maintained through graduation. If the member’s GPA falls below a 3.75, he/she will be placed on probation for the following quarter and must earn a minimum 3.75 GPA during the probationary quarter. If a 3.75 GPA is not achieved at the end of the probationary quarter, the membership is revoked and the student is dismissed from the organization. Members who fall below the selection standards of integrity of character, leadership, and service may also be dismissed.