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Every student in grades 9-12 is scheduled for at least one guidance appointment per year. The student receives an appointment slip from their first period teacher. If the appointment is to take place during a mod other than first period, the student shows the pass to the teacher of the affected mod at the beginning of the class period. If the time is inconvenient due to a test, class project, or other conflict, it is the responsibility of the student to go to the Office of Guidance Services and reschedule the appointment. After the third unsuccessful attempt to meet with a student, it becomes the responsibility of the student to schedule the guidance appointment.

A student may schedule a guidance appointment prior to or after the annual appointment scheduled by the counselor. If a student finds it necessary to meet with a counselor on short notice or for an emergency, the student requests a hall pass from a teacher and reports to the Office of Guidance Services.


    • SFCA students are encouraged to begin the college exploration process early in their high school career. College applications are filed at the beginning of the senior year.  There are numerous ways to explore college options as outlined below.



  • College fairs are an excellent means of gaining information on many colleges at one session.  Alachua County hosts the North Central Florida College Fair in the fall.  Saint Francis students and parents are encouraged to attend.
  • Search for information on College Fairs around the country by visiting the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC).


  • A visit to a college campus can be most helpful to a student in making college choices.  The SCHOOL POLICY FOR COLLEGE VISITS is located on page 26 of our Handbook.