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Parent Volunteers


Parent involvement is an integral part of a student’s success at Saint Francis Catholic Academy, our school would not have reached the heights of success it has without the help from our SFCA families. All families are required to volunteer a total of 15 hours for a Single Parent/Guardian home OR 25 hours for a Dual Parent/Guardian home in support of school events or activities during the school year.

All service hours for the 2021-2022 school year must be completed by May 6th. Those families who have not met their 15/25-hour commitment and have not been excused will be billed through FACTS at $10 per hour not completed.  Any hours completed after May 6th can be applied to the following school year.  CLICK HERE to enter your volunteer hours online for the 2021-2022 school year, or download the Volunteer Form and turn it into the front office.


One service hour will be credited for each $10 of approved donated goods.  Goods donated must indicate the value of the goods, what the goods were, and who they were donated to at the school (i.e. Casino Night, Souper Fun Sunday, sporting event).


There will be a sign-in sheet at the gate of each sporting events, you will need to sign-in and out. You will still need to log your service hours.

We know that families have very busy schedules and we appreciate the time you give to Saint Francis Catholic Academy. If you have any questions about volunteering, please contact Stephenie Brockish at sbrockish@sfcawolves.org