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Thank you to our Saint Francis Founding Families:

Estate of Paula Koch
The Losen Family
In Memory of Joan Islam
John and Judy Cousins
Dr. and Mrs. Douglas Adel
Steve and Helen Bagen
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Ballinger
William and Caroline Bomberger
Dr. and Mrs. John Boyle
Burkhardt Family
Mr. Joe Cirulli 
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Demski
Billy and Christine Donovan
Dr. Tim Flynn and Dr. Marian Limacher
Dr. Cipriano, Anna, Dr. Dielle, Deanna and Joel Fernandes
Dr. Constance Fitzgerald
Drs. Geraldo and Rosi Fortunato
William D. and Mary Ann Frederick
Dr. and Mrs. James Gallagher
Drs. Thomas and Kate Huber
Dr. Mary Hughes
Dr. and Mrs. Kipp Kennedy
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Lee
Dr. Alicia Maun-Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Luis Montoya-Fontalvo
Dr. and Mrs. James O’Meara
Our Lady of Victory Education Foundation
Thomas and Mercedes Pernice
Mr. and Mrs. John Peterson
Dr. and Mrs. George Richard
Mr. and Mrs. Adam Rohlman
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Ryngaert
Mr. and Mrs. Lester Scaff
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Simon
Dr. and Mrs. William Triggs
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Webster
Ms. Clementine White